300 guests came out to the Nikkei Center in Burnaby, BC to give their regards to Japanese Consul General Seiji Okada for 3 years of service. The Sake Association of British Columbia was on-hand to sample sake products for the guests, as well as to acknowledge Mr. Okada as a Lifetime Honorable Member of the Sake Association of British Columbia. It was a great event, and Mr. Okada put on a musical concert with his clarinet for everyone there. Everyone at the SABC wishes him the best as he moves on to return to working in Tokyo, Japan.
The Sake Association of BC was on-hand to present a series of premium sake products to pair with the Consul General of Japan's Food Pairing Event held in February, 2016. This was the first of a number of events we have planned for the year, many of which will provide ample opportunities to sample sake - both local and import - with all manner of cuisine. Our regards go to Consul General Seiji Okada, whose tenure in Vancouver is coming to an end. Please join us in thanking him for his support of the SABC during his tenure.