The sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) has long been a traditional icon in Japanese culture and is a symbol of spring. At Sakura Days Japan Fair, held annually at the VanDusen Botanical Garden, you can experience modern and traditional Japanese cultural arts, cuisine and business. This year, hundreds came out to soak in the wonderful festival atmosphere. This year, Axis Planning Inc., CMC Sake + Wine Merchants & Artisan Sake Maker Inc. represented the SABC at the event and conducted seminars on sake production and tasting. Two sake distributors and Canada’s first sake winery showcased a variety of sake from Osaka, Niigata, Okayama and Granville Island; they are distinct in aroma , body, flavour and finish.

Sake sample flights and by-the-glass sake were available paired with food plates. The "Sake Talk" which was conducted was a casual and interactive discussion with attendees which focused on sake basics and food pairing. To those who joined us, 'Kampai'! Hope to see you again at future Sakura Days events.