On July 9th, 2015, the cities of Burnaby, British Columbia and Kushiro, Japan celebrated their Golden Jubilee as sister cities. Spanning 50 years from 1965-2015, the ceremony included 22 Officials from Kushiro, Japan at a Banquet Dinner in celebration of our 50th Sister City Agreement. The event included an official signing by the mayors to renew the pledge between the two cities and a sake barrel ceremony to mark the occasion. The celebrations started late in the evening, around 9:45PM, at the Riverway Clubhouse in Burnaby, BC. The Sake Association of British Columbia presented the entire line-up of products from our 13 member-strong group to the guests which numbered around 150 people. In addition, the Burnaby City Council members were all in attendance, along with the Consul General of Japan. 
On Wednesday, June 24th, Vancouver and Yokohama cities celebrated 50 years as sister cities at a Golden Jubilee ceremony. Celebrating a connection that has in place from 1965 to 2015, the reception for the Jubilee was held at the Roundhouse Community Center's main auditorium. Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver and Mayor Fumiko Hayashi of Yokohama were both in attendance and spoke on the importance and enduring relationship between their respective cities and peoples.

The delegation's presentations were framed by many cultural and trade presentations including taiko drumming, dance and music. The Sake Association of British Columbia had a sake barrel (daru) for the Mayors and the Consul General of Japan, Seiji Okada to break open in order to toast the ceremony. The SABC also manned a sake table to showcase the breadth of products that span the distance from Japan to British Columbia. All thirteen Sake Association member products were on-hand to sample. This included a couple of special-order and hard-to-find products that are generally not sold at stores or poured during tastings. For more information on our upcoming events and tastings, please visit our Contact Us page and we will add you to our mailing list for future tasting opportunities!