We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Sake Association of British Columbia (“SABC” or the “Association”) on October 1, 2013 to promote the growth of Japanese Sake and its food culture in British Columbia.  The 9 members of the Association represent the Sake importers and producers currently working in BC.  

Until now, Sake has been considered an exotic Asian alcoholic beverage and typically only consumed at Japanese restaurants. The SABC’s mission is to raise awareness of Sake and to expand its distribution throughout British Columbia.  We are hoping that Sake, a key representation of Japanese culture, will become engrained in the daily life of British Columbians and extend across Canada, to be enjoyed with a variety of cuisines and occasions.  

The Association was formed on October 1, 2013 to coincide with National Sake Day in Japan.   As Sake is traditionally produced in the winter, October 1st is considered to be the beginning of the New Year for Sake. In Japan, Sake has been officially recognized as the National Drink “Kokushu” and served at formal ceremonies.  The Japanese government also actively promotes Sake export to increase the recognition of Sake around the world.  

In keeping with the Japanese respect for nature, seasonality and locality, “Washoku”, or Japanese food culture, has a unique and special place in the lives of the Japanese people. Consequently, as an essential part of cultural identity, “Washoku”, has been awarded the designation of an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2013. 

Sake plays an important role in culinary traditions and gastronomy of Japan. As such, it is the Association’s mission and commitment as Japanese cultural ambassadors, to build awareness, increase knowledge, appreciation and understanding of Sake to British Columbians. 

BC州日本酒協会は正式名称を“The Sake Association of British Columbia”とし、BC州における日本酒とその食文化の推進の為、日本酒輸入代理店7社と日本酒醸造会社2社により2013年10月1日に設立されました。

日 本国内において10月1日は「日本酒」の日に定められており、その日にちなんでの設立となりました。また10月1日は日本酒業界において一年の始まりの日 でもあり、秋のお米の収穫の後、冬の酒造りへと入っていきます。日本酒は日本国内で公式な飲物として多種多様な行事でも使用され、日本政府は「國酒」と認 定し国内のみにとどまらず世界規模での推進活動を行なっています。


現 在、日本酒はアジアの食文化を代表するアルコール飲料のひとつとして和食レストランを中心に取り扱われ消費されています。当協会はBC州において日本酒を 普及させ、更なる日本酒業界の地位向上と発展を目指し、日本酒をより身近なアルコール飲料として定着させる事を目的としています。今後も日本食文化の誇る 日本酒の奥深さとその多様性を和食に併せて一人でも多くの人に理解して貰い、その普及に努め日本とカナダの架け橋となるよう活動していきます。